Middleton Beach

    Middleton Beach

    Middleton Beach is 4kms from the centre of Amazing Albany, Western Australia, and is a welcome respite from the busy commercial focus of York St and the light industrial part of the Amazing Albany City.

    The white sandy beach is protected from the swell of the Southern Ocean, and is a perfect beach for the family to spend a day picnicking, a spade and bucket for the kids and a few dollars for the fantastic coffee and treats from Bay Merchants, or Three Anchors restaurant and Hooked On Middleton Beach (fish and chip shop).

    With a long shaded grass area on the beach under the Norfolk Island Pines, and a beach that stretches past the golf course to Emu Point, there is the option to relax all day, or reach out and explore some truly beautiful spots along the rugged West Australian Rainbow coast.

    Albany Golf Club WA

    Albany Golf Club

    The Albany Golf Club established during the Gold Rush of 1898, the Albany Golf course offered 9 holes up to the 1960s, when it was extended to the 18 hole Links course it is now.

    Albany Golf Club is a very popular links course where you need to keep the ball low on windy days, over the undulating fairways next to the ocean. A round or two is a “must do”, for Balnéaire guests, whether they be novices or passionate golfers.

    Situated across the quiet Adelaide Crescent from your apartment, Bay Merchants is the premier cafe experience in Albany, Western Australia. The passionate and dedicated owner has created a culture of fine coffee, decadent foods and a great atmosphere for meeting friends at this beautiful location. The owners of Bay Merchants have recently opened a Tapas Bar known as “The Rats” which is already very popular with our guests.

    Also situated across the road from Balnéaire Seaside Resort is Hooked On Middleton Beach, which is a great feed of fish and chips, with Dine in or takeaway available.

    Down on the beach, just 250 metres away, is the Three Anchors Restaurant, open 7 days a week from 7am to 10pm for Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner and live music for all on Sundays.


    Eyre Park

    Literally 100 metres from your front door is Eyre Park. An expanse of lawns with swings, climbing frames and a water feature and BBQ facilities. It is an ideal place for a picnic and the perfect place for kids to use up all their energy. Plenty of parking for parent’s cars, Eyre Park is a popular place for kid’s parties and even weddings.

    Ellen Cove Boardwalk WA

    Ellen Cove Boardwalk

    Balnéaire Seaside Resort is nestled at the base of Mt. Adelaide and only 250 metres from the famous Ellen Cove boardwalk, which offers excellent views over Middleton Beach to Emu Point, the Vancouver Peninsula and King George Sound. Some fantastic photographic opportunities, especially as the sun rises in the mornings.

    Middleton Beach Albany

    Middleton Beach Albany

    For those who enjoy either aerobic exercise or a leisurely walk, there is no better place than the pristine, white sandy beach from Ellen Cove to Emu Point, which is about a 4 km walk. This is a great adventure for the active visitor! At Emu Point, there is a great cafe and a playground where the kids can play and swim in the safe waters of Emu Point. If you don’t feel walking, you can get in the car and drive there.  A visit to Oyster Harbour and the squid shack at lunch time is an added attraction.